Welcome yet again to… a new website/blog

Yet again, I’ve decided to change up my website.  However, this site is the one used at Keuka College for the campus blog, so I decided to try it out because I know how to use it. Like the others, this site is for those who are interested in my writing and my volunteering to get updates on those topics. For example:

Last week I went to Camp Good Days for my sixth year of volunteering.  Like every summer, it taught me what is worth worrying about and what isn’t.  Those children are the most amazing kids in the world and by being able to give them some ounce of confidence and positivity – I feel like I’ve done something right.

Also, I finished my second novel this summer and am currently in the process of editing it.  Noon is about three teenage girls who are in the hospital for different reasons: cancer, mental issues and a pregnancy.  Each chapter is written from a specific point of view and even though all of the girls grow close, that isn’t the real story.  Each girl has a story of their own which makes the book intriguing, dramatic and unique.  I am proud of this book and hope to send it to some agents before winter.  I am also keeping an eye out for some conferences during the winter seasons.  However, my goal is to present it at BookExpo America 2011 in NYC during the agent prep.


One thought on “Welcome yet again to… a new website/blog

  1. Jenni, if you need a ride to the Writer’s Expo, let me know! I had fun the last time we went down (especially taking a nap on that bench in Central Park).

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