Why writing is a great stress relief:

1) You can vent about anything and anyone and make the situation real or fiction.
2) You can create a world all your own.
3) It allows you to fall away from reality.
4) When re-reading, you impress yourself.
5) It’s magical.

People think I’m crazy when I spend hours editing Noon, smiling to myself.  It’s great to escape the world you live in and dive into one that no one else knows about except for you – the author. Like stated above, I can’t help but twitter some of the quotes I discover when going back to re-read.  At times, you can’t believe that you were the one to think up that line.  For writers, we impress ourselves all of time and grow jealous of other authors because we can’t believe the wonderful prose they have created.  It’s a magical feeling – it truly is.


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