I do not understand them at all.

Okay, so it had come to my realization that even though I am 21-years-old, I still do not understand the male species whatsoever. They have made me mad, happy, overjoyed and everything in between, but the one thing they just don’t know how to do is make decisions.

Maybe it isn’t every guy, but it’s starting to sure seem that way.  One moment they’re making you the happiest person alive and the next they’re making you want to punch a hole in the wall.  It’s hard for anyone these days to make a solid decision, but why can’t we at least make an effort and stick with it?

It drives me insane and I wish things would just be easier to deal with.  Of course, life could be worse than dealing with the psycho decision making skills of men, but its more annoying than anything else. We all need to think through the things we say and the choices we make because sooner or later we just may find ourselves lost in the world we have created.


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