Words from a true poet.

As I lay on my bed, typing this post on my blackberry, I can’t stop thinking about my brother’s poems that were found recently. After he passed away, we went through his things and of course I wanted his poetry book. However, his mother got to it before me (he’s my half brother – different moms). Yet, I still found lots and lots of poems written on scraps of paper, note pads, napkins and everywhere else possible.

My cousin brought some more of his things up when he came to visit and more poems were found. Its sad that he wrote so much and little of it got published. His poetry could become a story. It has truth, fear, opinion and love. Matthew was one of the reasons that I began to write the way I did and now, he needs to get noticed.

Someday, these pieces of paper and napkins need to get published – words need to be heard. He was and is my hero, mentor and best friend and his poetry would change lives.


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