the craziness of life.

I finally finished my first round of editing for Noon! I’m quite pleased with how the book turned out and after one more edit (and the editing/reading of friends) I will begin sending out to Agents. I love the storyline and the characters are all so unique that I believe anyone could fall in love with them.  It’s a story of hope, love, survival and strength.

I’ve come to realize that I’ve been through so much in this life.  I’ve survived cancer. I’ve tried almost every sport in the book.  I was in drama club. I went to volleyball camp.  I was the lead in musicals. I’ve regretted.  I’ve loved. I’ve felt cheated. I’ve been affected by death. I’ve helped children thrive through disease. I’ve gone to therapy. I’ve gone to writers conferences. I’ve been to community college and now Keuka. I was in marching band. I’ve gotten awards. I’ve been an editor on a college newspaper. I was on cross country. I’ve gotten into all-county choir. I’ve written two books. I was a student at upstate ballet company. I’ve fought. I’ve laughed. I’ve lived.

It’s funny how when you sit back and look at your life, you realize how much you have lived.  Sometimes, we sit back and think that we haven’t done enough when in reality, you’ve already lived so much.  Sure, there’s more life to live, but there’s still so much more to explore.  When I’m feeling down – these are things I need to remember. I can’t sit back and dwell on the negative aspects of life, I need to concentrate on the good and what is yet to come.

Fall is coming.  This means school, friends and the two year mark of my brother’s death.   He would have wanted me to life each day with more life than the day before.  I’m going to do just that.


One thought on “the craziness of life.

  1. Congrats on finishing Noon, Jenni! An impressive feat, definitely something to be proud of. Have any drive/motivation to spare? 🙂

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