The new semester…

The new semester has begun!  Here’s a quick update:

– FOR THE KIDS got passed by senate! This means that the club Renee’ and I have been working on is now seen as a campus-wide organization and we will be able to ask for money to help us with trips and transportation.

– George and I got back together.  This was something that sparked a month ago and now we’re trying it out again.  I hope this time is different and that this time, we make it work.  We are an amazing couple.

– I am busy, busy, busy! I am part of the following clubs: For the Kids, Up ’til Dawn, Peer Counseling, Dance Team and ASL club… sometimes.  Even though I am overloaded, it will look great on my resume!

– I’m sad that because I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had the chance to read for pleasure or edit my book much.  I need to set aside time so that I can do these things because they mean the world to me.


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