Dear college life – stop being so stressful.

I have never experienced a college semester as hectic as this one.  It has been barely a month and already I am overloaded and overwhelmed.  My education classes are absolutely ridiculous – so much work that I get the classes confused. I am the president of For The Kids and even though I’m in love with the club, being in charge does take a lot out of you – the calls, emails, meetings, visits.  Also being on the board for Up ‘Til Dawn and a part of Peer Counselors and the Dance Team – I’m so stressed.

I’m taking on much more than I can handle, but I don’t want to turn it down.  I need these classes and I need to do well. Each club that I’m involved with will look good on my transcript and will help me get a good job.  I don’t want to step down from a position or get out of a club because I love them all equally.  For The Kids is really going somewhere and even though most of my effort is going towards that organization,  I need to keep putting effort towards the others.

I’m livid with the fact that I have had no time to edit, write or read. I need to finish editing and start working on query letters and sending to agencies because come winter – that’s where my focus MUST be.  Noon is a book that could truly become something great and I need to find time to work on it.  However, if  I found time for everything – I would never sleep.


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