FOR THE KIDS IS A GROWING SUCCESS! I’m so proud with how the club progressing.  We had our first successful Upstate visit and will be going to our first holiday party Friday in Buffalo. We have 40+ members currently while other clubs usually begin to get low in membership.  We will be having a speaker from the Rochester NICU coming in a couple weeks as well as a bracelet sale. All this hard work is paying off and I’m completely overjoyed.

HOWEVER, all of this work on FTK and classwork has made it so my editing gets pushed to the side.  Within the past week, I’ve found time to edit Noon.  This book IS and WILL go somewhere – I have no doubt. The only way for it to succeed, however, is for me to finish this round of editing and begin sending to agents.  Over Oct. break, I WILL spend a lot of time editing.  I love this book and the more I re-read it, the prouder I am of my accomplishment. I just need to find TIME.

The boyfriend situation is going beautifully, by the way, and I couldn’t be happier.


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