Jealous and Impressed.

Last year, my sister told me about a girl in her hall, who was blind, at Ithaca College who was writing a book. Now, her book is all over Barnes and Noble and has movie rights.

When my sister told me that this 18-year-old girl now had a hard-cover book all over the big book stores, I grew automatically, incredibly jealous.  She being two years younger than me already had a published novel out and about that was already getting noticed by Publishers Weekly and other magazines, made me upset that I hadn’t gotten that lucky that quickly.  After years of going to conferences and sending prose to agents, I still was left agent-less.

However, I’ve been busy and maybe this girl had taken more time to work on her goal.  Maybe she had an ‘in’ at an agency or publishing company or maybe she had written a fascinating query letter that intrigued her agent.  After thinking about it, I realized I need to find time every day to edit and work on my dream of becoming a published author – like what Kody Keplinger did.

I am going to try to contact this girl and meet with her sometime soon to discuss her whole process.  Possibly I’m doing something wrong, or she’s just doing everything right.  No matter what it is – I’m going to talk with her about it.  It’s cool to have someone close to my age who’s just as dedicated and motivated as I am.  Even though I’m jealous, I also admire what she has done to make her dream a respected success.


One thought on “Jealous and Impressed.

  1. I think it’s like anything else, it’s equal parts dogged hard-work and perseverance, with a healthy dose of luck gravy poured on top. It won’t happen without the dedication, but a lot of stuff like that also won’t happen without being in the right place at the right time.

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