The Official Winter Itinerary.

I AM OFFICIALLY FREE UNTIL FEBRUARY 2011. I don’t think I have ever been so excited to be back in Syracuse. I’m ready for change and to work fully on myself – it’s time I took some time for myself. This semester has been hell.  From a ridiculous amount of homework and club commitments to issues with guys and friends.  It’s about time for a break – perfect timing.

Therefore, I have a lot I want to get accomplished.  Everything is for me (yes, this girl right here).  Here’s an overview of the winter break:

1) GET QUERY LETTERS, SYNOPSIS AND MANUSCRIPT TO AGENCIES. Noon is a story that needs to be heard and recognized.  I’m determined to get it noticed and the next month and a half will be dedicated to that novel.

2) WORK OUT. Okay, this is everyone’s wish when out (or still in) school.  However, last winter break I went to the gym six days a week and looked damn good. I’ve gained some fluff back and want to trim down. Losing 5-8 lbs is possible.

3) FIELD PERIOD AT JOWONIO. This one I have no choice but to try to enjoy.  The only annoying part is I wont be getting paid for something I’ve done for years – work at early childhood centers.  However, I will do my very best work.

4) GET GUYS OUT OF MY HEAD. This semester has been a whirlwind of guy drama.  I’ve experienced so many ups and downs with guys that I’ve finally come to the point that whatever happens, happens.  I will not seek out anyone or expect anyone to seek me out. If someone wants to talk or hang out or whatever – so be it.  Yet, I’m not going focus on stupid guys when I can be focusing on my writing career. Like I’ve said, whatever happens – happens.

5) CONTROL MY ANXIETY/PARANOIA. This semester has shown me that my anxiety has upped itself a few levels to the point where it has frightened me. I’ve talked to therapists a lot since ‘the difficult years’ of high school, but this semester has brought me to scary points of anxiety that I hadn’t experienced since I was sixteen or seventeen.  To truly be happy and content with myself, I have to find better ways to control my anxiety.  This semester showed me that I still have work to do and I’m willing to walk right back into therapy if the need be.


With that all said… LET WINTER BREAK BEGIN!


One thought on “The Official Winter Itinerary.

  1. I love reading your blogs an listening to what you have to say!!!!! I hope you have good luck in your goals and I can;t wait to read your book!!!!

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