Clothing, jewelry and good ol’ Writer’s Digest.

Christmas was wonderful. Actually, more than wonderful – I think I received more this year than holiday’s prior. Yes, yes – I got lots of clothes, books, a GPS,  jewelry and other great gifts (even a moose that laughs and rolls around).  The thing is, even though I got lots of things – the most memorable part of Christmas was spending time with family (as cliche as that sounds – it’s true). Even though – it was weird not having Katy Dog around for Christmas this year or Matthew, yet again.

I also received the new Writer’s Digest (which I get monthly).  However, this issue was extremely helpful because it had lots of helpful facts about query letters, agents and website for authors. I’ve written, edited and re-written my query letter and synopsis and after reading a few articles in the magazine, I think they’re good.  I’m ready to have a few people read them over and tell me what they think. After that, I will start that crazy sending process. I have a whole list of agencies that I’m interested in and I hope maybe, just maybe, one of them will find ‘Noon’ interesting as well (even though it is quite improbable that this will happen on the first shipment to agencies).

My thoughts are so loud and I’m glad that people around me don’t hear them because they would need earmuffs. It isn’t that they’re inappropriate or embarrassing, it’s just the amount of random thoughts that go swimming through my head at one time is ridiculous. Yes, I take medicine to calm my anxiety, but obviously it’s not helping that much if my mind is constantly spinning when I’m trying to sleep at night.  I do have a lot on my mind, that’s for sure. Whether it be my book, awful GPA from the semester, working out, upcoming field period, friendships, ‘For the Kids’,  guys, family or whatever – I need to find a way to put things into the back of my mind and take them out when necessary.  I do not need to worry about a guy right now, so why am I?  I do not need to stress about my grades from this semester because that semester is over with, but I still am. I’m working out and doing the best  I can to stay fit, so why am I still fussing?

2011 will be the year when anxieties are taken care of.  That’s that.



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