New year, better year? hope so.

Hello 2011, how are you? I see we have already dug into my veins and carried stress in.  However, I can’t blame you because it is I who brings stress and anxiety upon myself. This year, I’m giving myself some general guidelines on how I should think about certain things (as if I am talking to myself, of course):

Control your crazed thoughts. Therapy is therapy and you know it well.  Since your moods have been nuts all during 2010, you will find ways to control them in a healthy, content manner. Like stated, therapy is therapy and no one should be afraid of venting to neutral ground.

With guys, do not say you like them until you get to know them better. Figure things before things get carried away or misunderstood.  All guys are jerks – good jerks and bad jerks.  I need to figure out what I want from who and how I want to feel.  Because right now, I do not know what I want.

– Concentrate on your writing.  Get Noon out there to agencies.  Once it has been finished getting reviewed, re-review it and work on finalizing the sending process.  After that, find conferences.  Get your writing heard and recognized in 2011.

I’ve come to realize that I know what I want when it comes to certain things, but I’m bad at saying them straight forward.  If I want something or someone, I need to go get it. I need to stop feeling uncomfortable about something and find a path towards comfort.  It’s unfair to leave yourself in a state of uneasiness and in truth, I think that’s where a lot of my anxiety comes from.  I’m afraid of what others think and that impacts me more than people realize.

As you have seen, I’m okay with admitting my faults.  Everyone has them and I know what needs to be worked on.  That’s why it’s okay to let people know where you fall low, so they understand your person better. Therefore, 2011 will be there year when pieces are put together and questions are answered.  It has to be.


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