Quick update on January life.

So, life has been different now that Ive finished a few weeks of my Field Period at Jowonio.  Like I said before, I absolutely adore the center – it’s top notch and a school that many others will learn from and model.  However, due to the hours spent in the real world, I have less to spend casually reading, working out or writing. In truth, I’ve had absolutely NO motivation to work out lately and I find that sad.  I know that when school starts up, I will be dancing four or more times a week and going to the gym.

Here’s a quick update for those who actually read this:

Beginning the ‘sending to agents process.’ Yes, I received great feedback from author and editor Edie Melson as well as advice from my step sister and friend who reviewed my letter and synopsis. Now, I am sending emails to Agencies who prefer that and will begin the mailing process once the emails are finished.  I have six pages of agents who prefer receiving queries electronically, so I will be busy until I head back to good ol’ KC.

Back in therapy. Like I’ve said many times before, I’m not afraid to admit I go to counseling.  I need to vent and talk and going to someone neutral, like a therapist, has always helped me.  She’s a really great person and works at SU in the Social Word department.  She’s helped me a lot and has given me advice on how to work on lowering my anxiety and paranoia.

Preparing for a 3.0. Since I need a 3.0 or higher to remain as an Education major, I received a letter giving me one more semester to up my GPA before I get put into Educational Studies (not E.C. / Special Education with a focus in Child and Family… that’s really what I want).  Also, I need a 3.0 or higher to get into SU for the graduate program I want.  Therefore, this all means I will be working my butt off in the Spring.



One thought on “Quick update on January life.

  1. Attack the semester with the determination that I have witnessed in you since you were born…. You can do it and when the challenge seems overwhelming – DON’T GIVE UP!!! Become passionate about learning… oxox

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