Feeling down? Ask the authors.

It’s known that in the writing industry, rejection comes with the territory.  As said before, I received many, many rejection letters when sending to agents after I wrote ‘Addiction.’  Now, after I received my first letter regarding ‘Noon,’  I wanted to know why they didn’t think it was a good fit for their agency.  The agent stated that ‘many YA agents are looking for books written in the third person and that first person is very difficult to conquer in the YA industry.’ Of course, ‘Noon’ is written in first person and that is part of the novel that cannot and will not be changed. I truly believe that my story would not be the same story if changed into third person.  However, I began thinking about all the other agencies that will reject me just because of that.  Therefore, I emailed Jodi Picoult and Edie Melson (editor) about the topic.  This is what they had to say:

“Jenni, I always say stick to your guns.  That agent is ONE opinion.  And I’ve seen PLENTY of YA novels written in first person.”  – JP

During Jodi Picoult’s fight to keep the ending for the film adapted, ‘My Sister’s Keeper,’ she never gave up – even being shoved out of a conference.  Of course, she didn’t get the ending she wanted and deserved, but she never stopped fighting. Just like Jodi Picoult, I will not give up.  This industry is tough, but I am positive that there are agencies and publishers who would love to work with my book.


“Jennifer, It is hard not to be discouraged in this business, but there are several ways to overcome this obstacle. The first is to meet agents in person at writers conferences. I know you said you’ve attended a couple so this might be an avenue you’ve already thoroughly explored.  The other is to consider sending the manuscript out without an agent to small publishing houses. You also might consider releasing the book as an e-book first and proving there is a market for it. Publishers are watching what happens with e-books, particularly on Amazon.I hope this helps some. Try not to be discouraged – ALL the big writers went through what you are!”

Edie Melson has reviewed my query, synopsis and first three chapters and has always been open to help as much as she can.  For being an unpublished author, any help in the writing world is great help – especially from those who are busy with their own publications.  I’ve began looking into small presses that I can send to.  I’ll do anything to get this book noticed.


Therefore, I cannot and will not be discouraged. This is a learning experience and I’m determined and motivated to make this work.


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