‘alsaska’, rejection letters and changing schedules.

So, the spring semester has begun. This semester NEEDS to be one of the best semesters of my life.  How will this happen, you may ask?  Well, I need to do the following things: cut down on extracurricular activities (focus more on F.T.K.), spend more time in the library than napping, go to as many tutoring sessions as possible, study every night for something, go to the gym to relax, dance my heart out and find time to write everyday. That may sound like a lot, but they’re all essential in making this semester one for the books.

Discussing books, I haven’t gotten any positive emails lately concerning ‘Noon.’  I don’t know how Jodi Picoult, J.K. Rowling or Meg Cabot dealt with rejection, but I’ve never been one to deal with it well. I know that it will takes months or years to find an agent or publisher, but one this is for sure – I am NOT giving up.  I have sent my queries to over fifty agencies and/or small presses. I am positive there is an agent out there who will fall in love with the story – it’s one that needs to be heard.

Right now, weirdly enough, life is okay.  Well, that is until the homework piles up, the dance practices begin four days a week and my anxiety takes over. However, I’m beginning this semester thinking positive.  I WILL tackle my classes and I WILL succeed. I need to because if I don’t, my future may not be the way I want it to.


If you’re bored in between classes and homework, read some of my short stories (‘Converse Black’ and ‘A View from Above’ are favorites).  Feel free to comment write on the website.  You’re the best.


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