When do I get the chance to breathe again?

So far, this semester has been just as chaotic as expected. Classes are tough, extra-curricular activities are keeping me busy and the social life is humming. Socially and relationship wise, I’m more than content.  However, I’m nervous as hell about maintaining a high GPA this semester.  I NEED to get a 3.3 or higher to keep my major and not be switched to Educational Studies. I’m not like every other student – it’s difficult for information to stick if I’m not 100% into the topic or fully focused. Tests and quizzes are hell and my anxiety has already become more than noticeable to my science professor… who’s just as lost with the class curriculum as we are.

I stepped down from being a chairperson in one of the clubs I am in, however, ‘For the Kids’ has been taking a toll on me over the past few weeks.  Paperwork remains an issue and getting Camp Good Days to campus is becoming such a difficult task. I absolutely adore the club, the members and the reason we are a recognized organization.  Yet, I think a lot of people do not understand how tough a job it is to organize such a community service oriented group.  Even though it’s stressful at times, it’s worth the smiles I see and the laughter I hear when visiting the hospitals.  That’s priceless.

One of my professors, who is a published writer himself, has decided to help me with my writing.  He pulled me aside after class and talked to me about ways to get into the industry and how to improve.  He has a literary agent who does work with some YA and children’s books, however he did not promise a thing.  He wants to review my work and help me and that’s an offer I could never refuse. I may not be the best writer grammatically or when it comes to spelling, but I have the dedication, passion and motivation to succeed. Any help is a lot of help.  Even if he helps me move a little bit closer to publication, it’s more than worth it.

On that note, I’ve continued to read lovely rejection emails. It’s the industry and I know that my time will come.  Until then, I will write, edit and write some more.

Oh yeah, and I’ll try to find time to breathe.


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