Stop. Refresh. Go.

Yes, lately I’ve been completely out of it. Some people know why and some don’t.  In truth, I really don’t know what has gotten into me over the past year.  I’m not the same person I was in the past.  My moods are taking the best of me and I physically can’t control them.  That’s why I’m getting it checked out – I need to.

On the other hand, I’ve been overstressed and overwhelmed with life itself.  I lowered my major to Educational Studies with a focus in Child and Family.  My grades just are not good enough to stick with my old one.  Yes, it sucks, but it is not a barrier – I’m still going to be what I want to be.  It’s those things I need to remember.

I need to make myself a checklist and organize my life in what is important and what isn’t.  I need to constantly tell myself that what matters to me is what’s most important:


– Graduating Keuka College in 2012 and going to SU for Masters in Child and Family.

– Finding an agent and continuing to proceed in a successful writing career.

– Keep reading YA books and growing knowledgeable about authors in the genre.

– Staying active as a volunteer at CGD and Golisano Children’s Hospital and helping friends and campers who are struggling.

– Making ‘For the Kids’ continue to succeed as a campus organization (even after I graduate).

– Not worrying about what people think or say about me – I’m stronger and better than that.

– Living the life that my brother would have wanted me to live.

Those are all things that are more important that the petty things people worry about during the day. I need to remember that life isn’t about what people think and say about you, it’s about how you feel about yourself and how you push forward.


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