controversial book, kinney drugs drive-thru and damn college.

I know I am always obsessing over Jodi Picoult’s novels, but her latest story is a complete work of art. It took me too long to finish the novel due to lack of time – class work, dance shows, case study observations… However, I finally found time to relax and read and damn, was this book controversial.

As always, I emailed Jodi Picoult asking about where she got the idea for the book and if she had to choose a side (Hardcore Christian or Homosexual) what would she choose.  Of course, I don’t want to ruin the book with the answers from her email, but I wasn’t surprised with her reply.  The book takes two intense groups of people and makes a deep, arousing plot grow from their beliefs. I am neither religious or homosexual – but I was 100% on the homosexual side throughout the book. I can’t believe how people in today’s world still feel towards others just because they aren’t cookie-cutter or typical.  Let people be who they want to be.  This world doesn’t need anymore suicides or depressed teenagers due to the idealistic vision that society throws at them.

Lately, I’ve been good.  I haven’t had any crazy outbursts or intense mood attacks (KNOCK ON WOOD). I’ve been pleasant and content.  Of course, the amount of stress that school is putting on my shoulder’s isn’t healthy, but I’m finding ways to relax and get things done.

Therefore, here are some things I’ve found out over the past couple weeks:

– Weather changes you mood – drastically.

– I will start work at SECC on June 6th and I couldn’t be more excited.

– People are crazy and will do anything for attention and sympathy.

– I am way ballsier than people think I am (Going though a Kinney’s drive-thru twice to get a guys number would make me quite bold…)

– Creating a campus-wide fund-raising event is hard as hell.

– I love pasta salad… with a passion (Therefore, I’ve been hitting the gym yet again).

– I need to find more literary agents or I need to literally drive to every agency in the world – Noon will get out there, I know it will.

– I miss singing and would do anything to audition for The Voice.

The semester will be over soon enough.  Until then, I will work my butt off and look forward to a great summer.


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