start smiling – it’s summer.

Officially – it is summer. Thank goodness because I don’t think I could have taken much more of this semester and some of the people at Keuka.  I may come off as a friendly, personable person, but some students just make me plain angry.  I thought judging was supposed to stop in High School?  Five years later – it is still around and just as powerful.

This year was an interesting one.  There were a lot of struggles and a lot of memories that I will forever take to heart. There were people who I will miss next year and there are people I will be happy to never see again.  This year made me realize a lot about myself and a lot about the people around me. I’ve come to find that everyone struggles through something and that we all need to realize that before judgments and thoughts come  to the surface. This year was a tough one, but it seems that I saw that every year.

Since it is summer, I have a few goals that I will be working toward.  I’m looking more than forward to this summer and I will get things done that need to be done:

Edit ‘Noon’, send to agents and find a conference.  This book will succeed – I know it will.

Save money and work, work, work!

Work out five times a week and be able to run two miles (I know, it sounds crazy… I can do it!)

Send a short story to a magazine or writers contest.

Volunteer at Upstate Hospital and get into the Child Life Practicum.

… oh, and have some fun!


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