query letters, editing and long afternoons

So far, this summer has taught me a lot:

– My favorite time of the day is after work when I can go out to the lake and read (with iced coffee or an Arnold Palmer).

– I’m in love with the alone time I have in the summer – I become quite the recluse.

– Having cable television at camp is dangerous (especially when The Voice or Criminal Minds is on).

– My favorite age to work with are two through five year olds (who I am working with now).

– Races and competition settings makes me anxious and paranoid (found this out first hand).

– I’m obsessed with red, pink and orange icy pops.

– I think I have sent to every literary agent known to man.

Along with Black Hawk Agency reading my entire manuscript, another agent has asked to have the full novel.  I see this simply as a learning experience.  I try my best not to get too excited because these agents could read the novel/edits and simply reject it.  However, over the past two weeks I have edited Noon quite a bit.  I took out un-needed secondary characters, individualized the three main girls, added some scenes and took out words that were just un-needed. I’ve realized if you don’t need the word ‘that’ – TAKE IT OUT. That word is the wordiest word ever (if that makes any sense).

I found a website I have been addicted to lately: http://www.figment.com. It is a writing community that shares stories, thoughts and comments on the writing of others. There are also workshops, conferences and contests on the website and it’s just a great site for writers.


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