this is one crazy world.

Things that are taking over the world:

– Cancer

– Zombies

– Heartbreak

Wow, that would be quite the story if all three of those factors were involved. Zombies with cancer who fall in love with other zombies, but then end up breaking each other’s hearts. Interesting plot…

Putting that random thought aside, it’s been a while since I updated this thing.  A LOT has been happening this semester – more than I thought would.  I’ve been busier than heck – school, D.R.I.V.E. mentoring and RA’ing, trying to read and edit and dealing with people. People. People sure are crazy. It’s weird how much changes over the course of three years. You meet people, you make friends, you make enemies, you lose friends, you make knew ones, you have crushes, you have relationships and you find out more about yourself through it all. No matter what – it’s painful. In some way, I’ve learned that pain comes with happiness – or vice versa. All the craziness makes us stronger.

Life is weird.

However, I’ve already realized that this year is different – hopefully for the better.  I have a new mindset and new priorities. I’m trying to organize my life and grow up a little bit – I think it’s about time. I’ve come to realize, looking over the past few years, that I am strong person. I’m a good person who has a lot going for her.  I’m someone who has gone through hell and made it out.  I’m ambitious and will work towards everything I want to succeed in.  Years ago, this person was no where to be found. And here she is.

Something else on my mind is this – I will never understand death and why it attacks great people. My brother died three years ago. He died – he’s gone. I still don’t get it.  And now Fred Hoyle, the Dean of Admissions at Keuka, died from cancer too.  I never knew he was sick even when I worked with him for two years.  He was a great person – always friendly, always smiling and always going out of his way to talk to me. He remembered details from my admissions essay and was part of the reason I got Student Employee of the Year in 2010. Fred Hoyle was a great man and cancer took his life – I just don’t get it.

At least he’s getting to know my brother in heaven or wherever they go.  They’re probably at a bar, drinking a beer together and laughing at all the silly things we do everyday. Those silly things are what make us keep going strong.



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