life is one busy place.

Obviously, this semester has been busier than any other. My classes haven’t been absolutely awful… well, until now.  I’m overwhelmed with work, but I’m doing an okay job at organizing it.  I have it easier than other students, since I don’t have any actual final exams during that week. However, I have a lot of projects and presentations.  Thankfully, I’m good at doing those kinds of things.

Being a D.R.I.V.E. RA this semester has been much, much tougher than anyone could have possibly imagined.  Renee’ and I have said time and time again that we don’t know anyone else who could possibly to this job.  We work well together, both of us having different strengths that help the three boys. However, we have dealt with a lot more than people imagine. Some people see us and think that most of the time we’re having fun playing games and interacting with the guys.  Yes, we do have times like that, but we also deal with major roommate fights, personal bubbles, stealing and touching each other’s things, cleaning and organizing issues as well as some very serious issues that needed to be dealt with. Renee’ and I are also on duty 24/7. In truth, we are ‘on duty’ every other night, but we have very little time to ourselves. We always have our door open which makes it even more difficult to be actual roommates. We love the guys to death, but it’s hard to focus with them constantly wanting our attention. I would never, EVER trade this job for anything else, but it does take very patient, motivated and passionate people to do what we do.

I’ve been working my butt off trying to finish changing the POV in Noon. I’ve been trying to make time almost every day to edit chapters and I’ve been doing well at that. I even cried when editing an upsetting part – a part I’ve cried at time and time again.  I guess it’s good to feel that way every time I read that section – it means I did something right.  I’m so motivated to get this novel clean and ready to be sent out… again. I’m determined to make this happen. It will happen.  If I don’t get an agent, this novel will be somewhere – or on e-books. It WILL happen.


Below is a quote from one of my brother’s poems.  I absolutely adore it and I miss him more than people understand.

“Nothing is exact, etched in stone. All is changing, for better or worse. Damned be those who point and condone. For many times, themselves be cursed.” 


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