somewhat ethical thoughts for an ethical will.

I had to write an ethical will for my Sociology of the Family class.  Even though this class was not as enjoyable as I had hoped, I enjoyed writing this – even though it was a quick assignment.  This really made me think about what I want to leave with others after I leave this crazy place (hopefully when I’m in my nineties).  


Dear loved ones,

There are pieces of life that everyone holds close to their heart – stories, beliefs, ideas and opinions.  Everyone has a different way of seeing things and everyone deals with situations differently. Diversity is what has made my life up to this day unique – I’m not typical and do not ever want to be that way.

I’m a person who wants others to take a moment to step into my shoes and see the world through my lens. I’m a strong believer in love – loving family, loving friendships, loving what you’re passionate for and loving life. Love is what has sculpted me into the person I am. I have a passion for helping others and watching them succeed through struggles.  I adore the art of prose and the comfort it brings when finishing the last word of a sentence. Those emotions are ones that need to be shared with everyone – my passions and my experiences.

Cancer has been a factor in my life that needs recognition. Being a survivor has altered my life tremendously, making me a more confident and proud individual.  When cancer took the life of my brother, life seemed to stand still for a moment. The disease had stolen my brother, but had saved me.  That didn’t seem possible or fair.  If you could do one thing for me, it would be to help find a cure. Whether it be fundraising, helping out with ‘For the Kids’ or Camp Good Days – do something to help change the lives of those struggling with this disease.

Mistakes will always happen, but it’s what you learn from those mistakes that matter the most. I’ve been at the lowest of lows – trying to leave this world and harming myself in ways I am still embarrassed to discuss. Even though I still struggle with these demons every day, I’m beginning to overcome these trials with the strength you have all given me.  Continue to spread that courage, it’s the most amazing gift anyone can open and it doesn’t need to be wrapped with a bow.

Lastly, publish my writings.  The prose and the poems I have created have my life stories intertwined within the words. Those stories are filled with messages that should be forever captured by members of the community and mostly, my family. You need to find a way to put my stories, my poetry and my quotes into the public eye.  This has nothing to do with me wanting to be recognized as a writer or an author – it has to do with the messages within.  The characters are relatable and will help individuals conquer their struggles. The settings come from particular parts of my life that have been snuck into the pages. Also, the stories in general allow those I love to step into my shoes for just a moment and respect my passions and understand my beliefs.

All I ask is for you to grasp onto one of the pieces of my life and do something with it if I do not have the chance to do so.  Whether it be telling a child with cancer they are beautiful, saving a suicidal individual or simply reading a piece of my literature, my life will be captured in unimaginable ways.


A survivor, a writer, a struggler and a lover,

Jennifer Graham


Don’t worry, though.  I don’t plan on leaving this world any time soon.  I have a lot of things I still need to do – and I can’t wait to do them. 


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