just a few quick words.

I know I haven’t updated in a month or so, but I’ve been busy in California doing my field period (which will be another blog at another time).  For now, here are some random thoughts to update:

So, yes – I gave in.  I got a Nook Tablet.  Well, I got it from good ol’ St. Nick. However, for all of those non-believers, I was one too.  Being a writer, I love the way holding a book feels and the idea of flipping the pages. I walking the shelves of a bookstore and stopping to read a chapter. However, the Nook does almost the same, just in a lazier way.  I’m obsessed. I downloaded Cosmo, Glamour, Writer’s and Poets Magazine and Writer’s Digest.  All of those together are less than they would be on the shelf. I already pre-ordered Jodi Picoult’s upcoming novel, Lone Wolf, that comes out in March! I’m also almost done with an amazing, exciting series…

The Hunger Games.  I read both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire on my Nook within a two week span and I’m not a quick reader.  Suzanne Collins is a genius. The characters, the setting , the plot – magnificent. I’m truly jealous of and inspired by her work. Reading these books have gotten my new-story-ideas pinwheel spinning.

With that, I wrote a short blurb that I added to my Short Story tab.  It’s an idea for an upcoming novel or short story, but who knows what it could be.  I like it. Let me know your thoughts. It’s titled – The Different.

And the having re-edited Noon‘s query letter, synopsis and manuscript, the hunt is on (again) for a Literary Agent. I will NOT give up. It WILL happen.


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