isn’t there supposed to be snow?

Wowza – it’s FINALLY my last undergraduate semester EVER! I don’t think people understand how excited I am.  I’m tired of seeing certain people on campus who constantly judge others or who obviously don’t like me because of my past years here. I’m sick of immature freshmen who acted the way I did almost six years ago.  I’m tired of sitting in classrooms and not having time to breathe or work on my book.  Sure, when I get a ‘real’ job I may still have these problems, but I will be done with college.  I know everyone says they wish they could have stayed longer and sure I believe them, but I am ready to get out of here. I will miss my friends, of course, but like MCC – only some will stay with me forever. I miss my MCC friends.  I miss a lot of things from that place.  MCC and Keuka have been two VERY different experiences, each teaching me many things: MCC – real college craziness, KC – growing up.

I keep getting new novel ideas in my mind and it’s thrilling, yet frightening.  I want to start writing a new story with new characters and new lives.  However, Noon must be noticed.  Again, I continue to edit and re-send top agents.  There are a few agents I am very interested in, but who knows. Maybe I’ll get lucky.  In truth, I wont be the lucky one.  Those who are lucky are the people who get to read a novel that I know will change their views on controversial topics. Therefore, I will NOT stop.

Quickly, I will discuss my Field Period.  I learned A LOT more than I imagined, a lot of it out of the classroom setting.  At the school, I got to work with the Special Day Class, the Counselor, Family Advocate and the administrators. I absolutely adored working the schedule I had at the school. I was smack in the middle of gang and low SES territory in down town Santa Rosa. I was surrounded my drugs, domestic violence, poverty and a culture I enjoyed learning about. At home with my family, I got to know my big sister, brother-in-law and nephews so much better.  It was very different stepping into their insane schedule for four weeks: basketball practice, soccer practice, beach, constant movement, meal times, different beliefs, discipline, food and too many more.  Every single day I learned more about my family than I ever knew before. I’m so glad I got that chance to spend time with them.

GOAL: To survive this semester (and pass my ridiculously hard psych class) 


Oh… by the way, I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world and am the luckiest girl to have him.



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