memories make you who you are.

“Its okay to look through your past if its going to help your future.”

– Playing in ‘World of Discovery’ with Wervey.

– Making forts in the woods with Jen, Jam, Steve and Marc.

– Singing during timed-tests and getting in trouble.

– Crying in class then having Kylee start crying too.

– Getting a county-wide essay award written about my brother.

– Writing short stories about dragons and outer space and love.

– Not finishing books because I never wanted them to end.

– Pretending to be Marine biologists with Amber and planning to move to NYC together after high school.

– Being Kim in ‘Bye, Bye Birdie’

– Sledding in Travis’s backyard and taking our walk on Memorial Day

– Losing my ‘going-to-be novels’ on my floppy discs…

– Going to Upstate Ballet and getting my butt kicked

– Driving around with Dan and Mr. B and running through the cemetery at night.

– Walking around the mall with Dana and Steve drinking vodka and orange juice

– Going to Camp Good Days for the first time.

– Getting caught sneaking out of school the last day to fill up water balloons for the fight.

– Finishing my first novel, Addiction, and crying at my desk.

– ‘Shopping list’ and ‘To do list’ at MCC in the closet

– Eighteenth birthday party at Shane and Tim’s

– St. Patrick’s Day in NYC with Monroe Doctrine and going out with Billy and Brett

– Hot Dog weekend and drinking beer and coffee with Bailey’s at eight in the morning.

– Meeting Jodi Picoult and being called her twin

– Getting my cheese-its poured all over the floor after being accused of eating someone’s mac ‘n cheese.

– Watching Sex and the City with Ally and Jacquie

– Being nicknamed Pepsi at Storybook Childcare

– Singing Sara to sleep

– Getting the call about Matt’s stroke.

– Getting the call about Matt’s death.

– Getting accepted to Keuka and Utica

– Lap dance, kick ball, foot rub and skinny dipping

– Race cars, racetracks and a redneck

– Finishing my second novel, Noon… and crying at my desk.

– Student Employee of the Year 2010

– Renee’ falling onto the floor at the Garage Party at nine o’clock.

– Keuka College Dance Team and founding ‘For the Kids’

– Arnold Palmers, salt and vinegar chips and writing on Otisco Lake.

– Pastabilities for dinner with a great person and hurting him after an amazing month.

– D.R.I.V.E.- ing ourselves crazy!

– Meeting Mackenzie’s mom.

– Realizing that great person who I hurt was the one I needed most.

– Falling in love.

Memories make me smile. I plan on making some more before Graduation in May.


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