when you feel small, remember you are beautiful.

This is a silly poem I wrote that could possibly become a children’s book someday (Along with the Wervey’s World Series, of course).  Children’s literature has never been my number one focus, YA novels being my passion.  However, this was fun and I love the message. 


Susan looked up into the sun

Wondering why Sunflowers had more fun.

She was just as beautiful, just kind of small.

But Sunflowers were where the attention would fall.

“I look just like them,” Susan would say.

“But with me, no one wants to play.”

Susan was sad and started to cry

Until some sneakers trotted by.

The sneakers stopped and eyes looked down.

Soon, Susan was plucked right from the ground.

“Why did you pick me? Susan said.

“When right over there is a sunflower bed.”

“Sunflowers may be a bigger version of you.

But Black Eyed Susans are beautiful too.”

The little girl smiled; Susan started to understand.

Why she was being hugged in the little girl’s hand.

She may be small and sneakers may pass by

To visit the sunflowers high to the sky.

But Black Eyed Susans stand just as tall

Even if they look oh, so small.

Just pluck a Susan

Hold it in your hand.

Admire its beauty.

Then you’ll understand.

… P.S. I drew the picture. I’m  quite impressed with my art work!


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