goodbye summer, hello real world.

So, the summer flew by at a ridiculous speed. No really, it did. It’s funny how everyone is heading back to college – tweeting about how excited they are to be back as they fill my Instagram with crazy pictures. I’m 100% sure I mean this when I say this, but – THANK GOODNESS I’M NOT GOING BACK. Of course, I have memories that IImage can NEVER let go of and friends I know I’ll never forget, but after six years of sitting in classes and going out every night, I’m done. 

I’m actually really happy where I am with my life right now and it has been years since I’ve even thought that. I’m happy and it feels great. I love my job at Hillside, even if I do mess things up now and then – hey, I’m learning! I have an amazing boyfriend who somehow stays patient with me when I drive myself insane. I have a roof over my head, a degree, friends and family and now… a PUPPY (like you didn’t know)! He’s a black mini Schnauzer named Sir Theodore Rufus.  I had been secretly looking at him for a while and when I was told someone else was going to buy him, I decided to just do it.  The only thing that could make my life even better would be getting a lit agent.

On that note, I’m thinking about publishing Noon as an eBook.  I talked to a few past professors and editors I know and they all think it would be a great start and way to get recognized. Therefore, this may be happening sometime in the near future.  All I want is for the story to be read.  That in itself will make me happy. 


In truth, I’m not minding the real world. I’m lucky and truly blessed to have the life I have. 


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