expanding dreams.

I am still in AWE that Noon is available to everyone… and that people are actually reading it! I Imagelove hearing the feedback I’m getting, especially when people start asking questions about the  story line or the characters.  That is when it makes it all seem real. The girls who posed on the front of my cover actually took pictures of themselves holding the book and put them on Facebook! Now THAT made me feel amazing. This has been a dream since before I can remember, and I have a good memory. By just holding the paperback, my day is made and by opening my Nook and having Noon open up – it’s still mind boggling. 

And I’m doing this all without an agent. 

Yes, I do want an agent someday, but right now it is exhilarating that I’ve gotten this far with just my passion and determination.  Since I don’t have an agent, however, marketing and advertising is allImage on me – which is okay. I WAS a communications major back in the day for a reason – I like this stuff! Right now, I’m trying to do more than just go to Target and put my book up on the Nook and iPad screen when I walk by (my secret advertising tactic). I just made business cards that I can give out when I schedule school visits.  I’m working on getting into Health, English and Psychology classes at local high schools to talk about the book.  Since it has to do with intense topics many teenagers relate with, I think getting into the area schools is a good way to start. I’ve already noticed my business cards working! I went to dinner and was talking about my book being on Kindle. The waitress began asking about it so, of course, I whipped out the business card.  She took it with her and two minutes later, she told me she’d bought it on her Kindle through her phone app! AND she didn’t lie because when I got home, it showed one more eBook had been purchased. 

Slowly and surely, I’ll make my book noticed.  I’m hoping to get it into small, local bookstores and I’ve contacted a few. I’m determined and I know I will get the book out there. In the meantime, FEEDBACK IS CRUCIAL! I NEED to know the thoughts of those who have read the book (and the mess-ups you’ve found while reading). I want to be the best author I can be – with or without an agent helping me along the way! 


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