in need of nerd help – not the Big Bang kind.

Okay, I need some technological support. I’ll admit, I’m a geek. However, I’m not as technologically savvy as I wish. I am really trying to market Noon and am thinking that an actual website may be the way to go. Something like – we’ve all seen their corny commercials and yes, I’ve paid attention. I need an actual website with possibly a domain name option for  However, I know I’m going to have to spend a little money to get what I want. For Noon, it is worth it.  But, the most important question remains: How can I get paid?

Maybe I’m not super entertaining and not many people would check out the website, but for Noon’s sake, I’m hoping people might. Hell, people read this stuff for some odd reason! I want to find a website that will pay me per views or something. I would love some gas or grocery money too… 

Okay.  I need some smart, computer friendly people to help answer my questions.  What is a good site to make a website?  Price-wise, what route is the cheapest way to go? HOW CAN I GET PAID? 

For you crazy, bored people who read this – HELP ME OUT! 


One thought on “in need of nerd help – not the Big Bang kind.

  1. Jenni… keep trying to get into schools. Your book is a wonderful study in young adult problems and psyche. Use your connection with Kylie so you can arrange meetings with other English teachers. Find a connection with a school psychologist. Hell, ask Tamme if she can help out by requesting that several copies be placed in the school libraries in her system!! She may have that influence. Ask her to mention the book at any regional meetings she attends. Tamme does not have to mention that the author is her sister. Kylie may be able to mention the book at department meetings or end-of-year gatherings of English faculties. Call them… (I love you) Dad

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