books, blogs and brainstorms.

So, wahoo for my new website! This annoying part is, I can’t find a way to see my stats! I’ve tried so many things and nope – can’t do it. Also, there’s a random photograph of a wedding on the main page when you look the website up on your phone. Kind of want that picture gone. Now you are probably going to look the picture up on your phone. Super. 

I’m also just going to stick with this blog only. I went to the Keuka Relay for Life and it was funny how many people said they follow me on this. I write about complete nonsense! Thank you those who read this stuff – now buy my book! Please. 

It was great selling a few books at the Keuka Relay.  I didn’t get any money from it, but that was okay.  I gave all the money to Relay because a cure for this damn disease needs to be found soon! When walking around at the end of the night and looking at the Luminarias, I couldn’t believe how many bags said “In Memory of” instead of “In honor of”. For a few minutes when I was walking, I felt kind of guilty to be a survivor. I know that sounds so selfish and stupid, but the questions always remains: why me?  I know my tattoo says, “Don’t ask why”, but it is still hard sometimes. I guess I’m here for a reason! But everyone else should be too. 

 My brain has been full of Jetson Thoughts these days.  Have I explained what Jetson Thoughts are on this blog? Well, for those who don’t know, Jetson Thoughts are random thoughts that fly around in your brain so quickly it is like they are the flying cars from The Jetsons, all going psycho in the sky.  Sometimes, a few cars need to park and be stuffed into a garage for a while, but it is so hard to do that sometimes. My brain has been jumping from my job to Noon to college things to bills to Theodore to my story in the works to the male species and to a million other things. The thing is, what do I park and stuff away? Okay, I know a few things that should be left on the back burner, but it is hard! It is tough to organize your life when everything seems as important as everything else. 

Somehow I will find a way to organize these Jetson Thoughts.  I think I should put a Copyright on Jetson Thoughts.  It is absolutely text-book-worthy! 



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