beauty at any age.

I’ve been watching too many tattoo shows lately. I think it’s because I keep trying to convince myself that my ankle tat will get better soon enough when a little more work is done.  In truth, it won’t get much better, so by watching shows on ‘bad tattoos’ helps. I’ve been wanting to get a little light bulb tattoo somewhere – behind my ear, on my ribs, back… ideas? ImageI’ve also been obsessing about a tattoo that has a typewriter and a bird on the scroll. I love it and would make the bird a cardinal – representing my brother.  It’s a big tattoo and for some reason I want it on my upper arm. Okay, for all those who think I couldn’t pull it off or that it’s unneeded – shush your faces! Anyone can pull off anything they want if it is out of pure passion. Do what you want because you want to.  Sometimes, it is hard not to let judgements affect you. That’s for sure!

So, I was bored and googled some pictures of old people with tattoos.  Why? Why not? Everyone always says, “You’ll look funny when you get old with all those tattoos.” Well, no matter what – we will ALL look funny when we’re old! Embrace it and own it.  These people did! 






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