positive feedback is the best medicine.

I got an email from a student in one of the health classes I spoke to.  I’ve gotten a few emails and still talk to a girl from one of the classes quite often.  However, this email came weeks after I spoke, which meant some things I did and said stuck with her.

Here’s just a few blurbs from her email.  Of course, I will keep private things out and keep this lovely person anonymous:

“Your visit in my health class really touched me.”

“One thing that really stuck with me from your visit was ripping up the luggage. Now I write things down and rip it up then write all the positive things about my life. Seeing all you have accomplished and conquered shows me that there is a bright side and an end to this dark tunnel.”

“I just want to say thank you again so much! Also your book will be my summer read.”

I’m so thankful to have had these opportunities to speak about my past after years of hiding my stories. I am slowly beginning to talk about those awful demons, even though it is still terrifying. My blogs on http://www.healthyplace.com have been getting read, liked on Facebook and re-tweeted! I can’t believe the views and comments I’ve been getting.

This is what I’m meant to do.  I really do think that in twenty years, I’ll have a comfortable life as an author (with an agent, hopefully), public speak about mental illness and cancer and volunteer or do part-time work with cancer patients and those living with disabilities.

With positive thinking, anything is possible. One step at a time. 


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