oh, the possibilities.

Of course, new ideas for stories are always flowing in my mind. Lately, I’ve been making some characters who I’ve already fallen in love with. I’m up to page twenty and like where the story is going.  

However, I always seem to jumping from idea to idea.  I’m ready to stay with just one. 

The main topics in this next novel are:

– Bipolar Disorder

– Weed/ADHD 

– Autism 

The main focus in this novel is overcoming difficulties with family. 

Of course, there will be some romance and difficult topics. That’s how my writing works.  However, sometimes I want to add a little bit of another issue, but I know I need to keep my focuses where they are. 

Who knows where the story will go! The characters make the storyline, I just write it.  I didn’t know how the end of Noon was going to be and BAM craziness happened. 




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