Jennifer Aline was born on September 16, 1988. She was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, childhood cancer, on September 11, 1989. Being a cancer survivor is a very important factor in her life and is one of the reasons she writes about the topics she writes about. Aline’s brother, her mentor and also a writer, passed away due to Metastatic Melanoma in 2008. Her brother’s death was the trigger that pushed her to follow her passion for writing with more intensity.


Aline has published numerous short stories since her middle school years. She received the Excellence in English Award in 2006 and has also attended BookExpo America and the College Media Conference. Her most recent pieces of writing have been published in collegiate journals – Red Jacket at Keuka College and Cabbages and Kings at Monroe Community College.

Aline finds controversial, health-related topics exciting because everyone has been touched by a disease, a mental illness or a family situation. She too has struggled with these topics, which is why she finds them so important to discuss. Jennifer Aline has struggled with mental illness for years and likes writing about it because those who are in similar situations need something to relate to.

Noon, Aline’s first published novel, discusses topics hitting home to many teenagers and families across the globe. It discusses cancer, suicide, teenage pregnancy, self-harm, sex, family situations and death. For more information on the novel, check out the page on the site.

Other interesting facts about Jennifer Aline:

– Danced ballet for nineteen years

– Performed in musicals and has been singing since childhood

– Works full-time as a Direct Care Worker for adolescents with Mental Health and/or Develpmental Disabilities

– Has a Miniature Schnauzer named Theodore Rufus and a cat named Fudge.


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