Three teenagers find themselves in the hospital for diverse reasons, but reasons that bring them together in the oddest of ways.  With help from each other, these girls learn what it means to survive, live and love.




KINDLE: $8.99

NOOK: $8.00


Someone cuts their skin to feel reality seep in. Someone spends day after day in pain from treatment for a deadly disease. Someone rubs their stomach and wonders whether the child will be like herself or him. These may sound like typical issues that some teenagers experience.  However, for Josie, Cady and Fay – these are issues that look them in the eyes with every breath they take. The three teenagers were destined to meet.  However, the circumstances were never expected to be at a crowded, wooden table in a popular hospital surrounded by surgeons, nurses and sickly patients.  Whether in the stuffy mental health center, vomiting into a pan on the oncology ward or steaming a latte at the hospital café, each girl is going through an experience that will change their lives, and the lives of others, until they take their last breath. Noon takes a glance at each of the three girls’ worlds and into the very real struggles that hit home to millions of young women across the globe.



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