when I finish my paperwork early, this is what happens.



Watch these “Cheerleader Fails.”



I LOL’d non-stop for a good five minutes (yes, I just said that).  If my co-workers didn’t think I was crazy yet, they officially do.




books, blogs and brainstorms.

So, wahoo for my new website! This annoying part is, I can’t find a way to see my stats! I’ve tried so many things and nope – can’t do it. Also, there’s a random photograph of a wedding on the main page when you look the website up on your phone. Kind of want that picture gone. Now you are probably going to look the picture up on your phone. Super. 

I’m also just going to stick with this blog only. I went to the Keuka Relay for Life and it was funny how many people said they follow me on this. I write about complete nonsense! Thank you those who read this stuff – now buy my book! Please. 

It was great selling a few books at the Keuka Relay.  I didn’t get any money from it, but that was okay.  I gave all the money to Relay because a cure for this damn disease needs to be found soon! When walking around at the end of the night and looking at the Luminarias, I couldn’t believe how many bags said “In Memory of” instead of “In honor of”. For a few minutes when I was walking, I felt kind of guilty to be a survivor. I know that sounds so selfish and stupid, but the questions always remains: why me?  I know my tattoo says, “Don’t ask why”, but it is still hard sometimes. I guess I’m here for a reason! But everyone else should be too. 

 My brain has been full of Jetson Thoughts these days.  Have I explained what Jetson Thoughts are on this blog? Well, for those who don’t know, Jetson Thoughts are random thoughts that fly around in your brain so quickly it is like they are the flying cars from The Jetsons, all going psycho in the sky.  Sometimes, a few cars need to park and be stuffed into a garage for a while, but it is so hard to do that sometimes. My brain has been jumping from my job to Noon to college things to bills to Theodore to my story in the works to the male species and to a million other things. The thing is, what do I park and stuff away? Okay, I know a few things that should be left on the back burner, but it is hard! It is tough to organize your life when everything seems as important as everything else. 

Somehow I will find a way to organize these Jetson Thoughts.  I think I should put a Copyright on Jetson Thoughts.  It is absolutely text-book-worthy! 


actual website? what?

Okay, so I’ve had blogs for forever that I’ve turned into websites, but I think I’ve actually made one. I think. Technology pisses me off sometimes. 


in need of nerd help – not the Big Bang kind.

Okay, I need some technological support. I’ll admit, I’m a geek. However, I’m not as technologically savvy as I wish. I am really trying to market Noon and am thinking that an actual website may be the way to go. Something like Intuit.com – we’ve all seen their corny commercials and yes, I’ve paid attention. I need an actual website with possibly a domain name option for jenniferaline.com.  However, I know I’m going to have to spend a little money to get what I want. For Noon, it is worth it.  But, the most important question remains: How can I get paid?

Maybe I’m not super entertaining and not many people would check out the website, but for Noon’s sake, I’m hoping people might. Hell, people read this stuff for some odd reason! I want to find a website that will pay me per views or something. I would love some gas or grocery money too… 

Okay.  I need some smart, computer friendly people to help answer my questions.  What is a good site to make a website?  Price-wise, what route is the cheapest way to go? HOW CAN I GET PAID? 

For you crazy, bored people who read this – HELP ME OUT! 

Am I an adult?

When I was done with paperwork at work, I was looking through the latest Cosmo and found an article called: “What Does it Mean to be an Adult?” They mentioned how this generation of ‘artists’ such as Katy Perry and Ke$ha and Taylor Swift are all of the age to be seen as adults, but may wear wacky clothes or act immature or be naiive.  I found it interesting because, really: aren’t I supposed to be seen as an adult?

Okay, so I’m really a young adult, but still – it is odd to think of myself in that light. I have a Bachelor’s Degree. I have a job. I published a book. I have an apartment. I’m paying my own bills. I have a dog (I don’t know if this adds to the point). So, in truth, I’m living the adult life. In my mind, however, I still feel like I’m too young to be seen this way.  Maybe it is because I have so much life I still haven’t lived. I’ve experienced so much, but still so little.

I still feel like yesterday I recieved the Outstanding Singer Award in eighth grade or danced on stage for the Upstate Ballet Company. It still feels like my parents divorce happened yesterday and that my brother died minutes ago. I still feel like I’m stuck in this bubble of my past and maybe that is why I find it odd to be seen as an adult.  Yet, at the same time, these experiences are what have sculpted me into being the person I am.

After reading that article, it talked about how our generation is stuck in a Kidult state of mind. I love that saying because, well, it is true.  This generation is open and wacky and silly. This generation speaks out about uncomfortable topics such as sex and Autism and Bipolar Disorder.  We don’t hide our flaws, but instead let the world see them for what they are.

So, maybe I’m in the young adult stage or adult stage, but weirdly enough – I like the idea of being a Kidult. I’m unique and open and yes, odd. I may act very silly and immature at times, just because, it is how many of us in this generation have grown up to be. So, maybe I do have a degree and a job and a place of my own, but I still see me as a Kidult. Why?  Because yes, I have grown up, but I still have fun.

Oh, the adventures.


I have officially moved into my little apartment with Sir Theodore Rufus as my roommate. People have constantly been questioning me as to why I got a place alone.  Well, first off, I have my psycho puppy to keep me company and second, I like it.  I have my own space that I decorate and take care of.  The house has eight units and only three are being in lived in, so it’s a quiet, cozy place. I walk Theodore about everyday down past the Blarney 


Stone and to the park so he doesn’t feel cooped up. AND my new job is ten minutes down 

the road so hooray for saving gas money! 

Working for Liberty Resources
has been great so far! The atmosphere is extremely professional and everyone is so dedicated to the youth and families they work with. Everyone helps and supports each other with paperwork and ideas which is amazing to see. I’ve gotten great advice and help just from the short time I’ve been there.  I’ve gotten to shadow a lot of youth and I’m so glad I get to work with individuals with Developmental Disabilities again.  I do miss some of my clients at Hillside though.  I get to wondering about how they’re doing and things like that. I’ll be working some weekends so that will be interesting! 

I have a new writing adventure in the works: I’m ghostwriting/co-writing a book of stories with my landlord… and getting paid! He’d gone to school as a Literature Major, but never had a knack for writing. He looked over my book and a read a bit, and we sat down and talked.  He has stories upon stories from the thirty years he’s been a landlord and wants to make them into a book – with my help.  We will be meeting every other week and he will tell me one of his crazy stories.  He will then write a summary of it, email it to me and I will take it from there!   From the stories I’ve already heard, I could easily make some pretty intense prose! 

I’ve been working on my most recent book I’m calling Mimic. Mimic brings forward the question: how far will you go to be just like someone else? So far, I like it and I’m just getting into some of the intense scenes.  It has to do with two sisters who haven’t seen each other for five years.  The younger one always looked up to the older one and one day comes across her older sister’s notebook.  Even though the older sister seemed perfect in her younger’s sister’s eyes, she’d gone through hell and had hid it from her for years… in the notebook. Since the younger sister always wanted to be like her older sister, she decides (during a Group Therapy session, of course), that to help herself, she will follow in her sister’s footsteps and do as she wrote in her notebook.  And, of course, there’s always a twist of two. 

KEEP BUYING NOON! Nook! Kindle! Paperback! The excitement is starting to plateau and that also comes from my not having time to market as much.  I’m trying to get back into WG health classes since it is a new semester and speak – since there was interest.  I need to find new ways to get the book noticed! I have posters and cards if anyone would like any. Believe me, I’ll take all the support I can get! And I’m always thankful for the great feedback and compliments I get. 


OVERALL… I’m in a great place in my life – new job, new apartment, new ghostwriting adventure, new story in the works and marketing Noon!

spreading a message.

I could speak to high school classes all day everyday about Noon. I love talking about the tough topics discussed in the novel and I love spreading awareness about cancer, suicide, teen pregnancy, self-harm, death and love. Watching the expressions on the faces of the students when I bring up situations from my past makes me realize, I’m doing something right. By writing this book and intertwining a little bit of myself into the characters, I know I have positively affected some people.  


Within two hours after my visit to B’ville High School (Baker), I received an email from a student thanking me for coming and talking about topics she could relate to, but was afraid to talk about. A student also talked to me for the an entire other period after my discussion, venting about her issues involving family, mental health and bullying. The fact that the students trusted me to talk to, means so, so much to me.

Along with hopefully speaking to more schools, I will also be starting my new job at Liberty Resources very, very soon.  Along with that, I will also be moving into an apartment very, very soon.  Things seem to be working out beautifully for me and I love the fact that I can admit that and be happy with it. I’m happy. 



– Talk to more high school classes

– Possibly have Noon available at B’ville and West Genny High School libraries (B’ville already ordered a copy!)

– Market the book at Broadway Cafe in The Valley and at Shear Perfection in Liverpool soon.